River Bluff Writer’s Retreat

15 Minutes of Fame member Gale Albright tells what really happened at the River Bluff Writer’s Retreat,

Visions and Revisions

River Bluff Writers' Retreat 132

Snack, snack, talk, talk, talk, snack, snack.

Oh, and some writing.

Last Friday and Saturday, Fifteen Minutes of Fame, an Austin writing group, held a Year One First Ever Annual Retreat at the River Bluff cabin near Fentress, Texas, on the lovely pecan bottoms by the San Marcos River.

River Bluff Writers' Retreat 074

We acquired hamburgers Friday night and pizza Saturday night from the local convenience store. There was no television, land-line phone, or Internet service. We had to sit around and…talk…and snack….a lot. And the snacks! Trail mix, cookies, hummus, crackers, grapes, strawberries, cherries, bananas, tangerines, cheeses, veggie chips, Cheetos, booze, soda, and Guatemalan Dark coffee.

On Saturday, discipline reared its head, and the group did three fifteen-minute timed writings with a prompt. The first prompt was “retreat,” then “grip,” (as in get a), then “murder in the woods” suggested by yours truly. We all scribbled furiously, then…

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